Stay safe during the pandemic - IR X Ninja Workshoes

During this tragic moment, many fans are complaining about the delivery time of the shoes. Even though the international shipping cost spiked for more than double, we still keep sending out shoes right away and subsidizing the loss from shipping. 

We expected that there may be down trending of orders but it seems people are still working and keep placing orders on our website. We are sorry that the delivery will be late, most passenger flights had been cancelled and we are taking the freight flight which is normally faster but hard to reserve at the moment.

We are here just to remind that no matter what reason may be that keeping you go to the workplaces.  A respirator, a pair of goggles is a must to keep you healthy. Unemployment is wide spreading all over the world and we believe that people who are working in traditional industries are the backbone of the countries. Medical supplies are in shortage.

IRXNInja workshoes are helping to source and donate supplies for those countries who are suffering in lack of PPE. If any of our customers need anything, please leave us a note, we will help to ship what you need for free within our ability.

Thank you for supporting us and it`s time for us to help. 


IR X Ninja Workshoes.