Ninja Invincible™ is now officially here!


Ninja Invincilble Model is here!

A lot of our customers need waterproof and spark proved safety shoes and we had been sending out our new Invincible model and we have collected a lot feedback from our customers and now we are proud to announce that Invincible model is ready!

What Makes Ninja Invincible Full-Protect Boots So Popular?

Ninja Invicible™ Boots are a type of footwear that can survive rough usage and everyday wear and tear quite easily. These can work where slip-resistant shoes, work boots and regular sneakers are unable to work. It is a type of all-in-one shoe that is created to work in various ambiances, and can keep the feet safe against hazards in the workplace. The Ninja invincible Full-protect boots are comfortable, lightweight and highly durable. Just what makes these shoes click with buyers? Read on and know.

Great in size

These can fit EE (Extra/ Xwide) and D (Standard) width by default. There is no requirement for picking a specific size. This type of shoe has been designed and created to fit feet of most types. Thus, you can take these up and wear them with a lot of comfort.

Wonderful features

These shoes come with steeltoe that match European standards. Made of military grade Kevlar material, these have tough stab-proof Midsole and proven Welding Sparks. The sole is insulated and flexible in form, and come with Energy-MD Combination Foaming Sole. At the end of the day, you can have feet in proper shape and health, and not face any health issues.


The shoes are slip-resistant in form, and can keep the feet safe from electrical hazards. This type of footwear can resist as much as 6000V current. With fantastic slip-resistant performance, remarkable nail-style design and very comfortable inner sole, these have been designed to ensure safety for feet. The footwear comes with good arch support, happens to be breathable in form and boasts of an Orthotic insole design, which explains why authorities have certified it.

Full Quality Assurance

The shoes are tested under proper and stringent standards, and by the international bodies SGS and Intertek. These are put through SGS’ Pressure resistance safety shoe test and Intertek’s Steel Head Report, which ensures that the shoes are able to satisfy workplace standards. The footwear is flexible and lightweight in form, and even after wearing it all through the day the legs do not get worn out. These are quite nice in terms of quality, with soft insole.

Over the years, lots of work shoes in various designs have come and gone. However, Ninja invincible Full-protect boots seem to be here to stay for a long time to come. These can satisfy the requirements of safe work shoes, and are able to exceed what you need from a comfy pair of shoes.