Update: LA warehouse will be fully functional in July.

Update: Shipping to Canada gets back to normal. Shipping time is 7-20 Business days.

North America

Currently, major airports in the United States and Canada are under tremendous pressure on customs clearing. Many of our customers will see the tracking status stuck at "LA airport" or "Jamaica, Shipping info sent", which means your parcels has arrived in the United States or Canada waiting for the custom clearance. 

This is the first impact on the domestic logistics since the start of the outbreak in the North America region and we did not know until the USPS and Fedex informed us a few days before (May 18th) and described as " Temporary".

For shipments to Australia stay normal. (around 10 days)

For shipments to the UK stay normal. (10-14 days)

For shipments to the New Zealand, parcels are now waiting at the airport for available flights.  We will stop taking orders from the New Zealand Customers.*Order after 18th June, the shipping will only take 10-15 days.

We are sorry that it takes longer than expected, USPS and Fedex stop taking orders if they can not fulfill in the past but the customs issue is out of every party`s expectation.

We will keep everyone updated.