Ninja Ultralight™ By Indestructible Ryder

The Indestructible Ryder - Ninja Work Shoes

Workshoes have evolved over the years, and many new styles of shoes have come across. Still, the search for the perfect shoes doesn’t get over so easily, because the common man looks for a product which would fulfill all their demands. Finally, a product is hereby IR, which can actually meet all the demands kept before a workshoe. The ninja series of workshops have been sculpted with such criteria, that it can meet the demand of a person in any place. This is the perfect solution for all kinds of work and adventures.

Steel head with European standards

The European standardized steel headed shoes of the Ninja series are ready to take on any sudden impact and force on the shoes and yet protect the feet within fully due to the sturdy steel plate. The steel plate guarding the tip of the feet in the shoes have been tested under extreme pressures and conditions. And the shoes have practically proved to be indestructible at the tip, and yet highly comfortable for the user.

Tough midsole- stab-resistant (Kevlar Material)

The midsole of the shoes is tough and stab-resistant which is made of Kevlar(bulletproof material invented by DuPont). All the shoes of the Indestructible Ryder Ninja series are made stab-resistant so that nothing can pierce or puncture the midsole,  protecting totally from pricks and injuries.

Flexible due to rebound MD make

The material of the Ninja series by Indestructible Ryder is such that the shoes are made to give you ultimate flexibility from the soft sole and elastic sole. The sole has the power to totally rebound and come back to shape due to the high-quality MD material make. As a result feet inside the shoes doesn’t get tired too.

Insulated sole

The sole provides insulation from electrical shocks up to 6000 volts. This is a nice feature which makes the Ninja series workshoes a great companion in work.

Anti-skid and Resistant to wear and tear

The soles are tough to resist any wear and tear and thus described as indestructible. Also, the anti-skid design of the soles are too god and helps grip on any smooth and slippery surface.

The mesh fabric used in the making of Indestructible Ryder Ninja series work shoes is really high quality and breathable. They are water-resist, and yet the skin feels light and airy. With amazing ventilation of the skin of feet and dehumidification system, the series rocks.


Whether you want to wear them for work or fashion, traveling or casual wear, they are good to go for anything due to their light weight, contemporary looks and scientific make.